Why Lake Atitlan?

Lake Atitlan is a beautiful, diverse and exciting part of Guatemala and when you stay at Lomas de Tzununa it's all right here at your doorstep. Below is a list we've compiled of the most popular activities our guests love to take part in, so have a look and let us know if you're interested in going on one of these great adventures.

For a more comprehensive list of things to do at Lake Atitlan take a look at TripAdvisor's Things to Do in Lake Atitlan.

Take a scenic flight

Get the best view of all from a private flight over the lake. Fly around the scenic mountains, volcanoes and even out to the pacific ocean! Simply ask at the hotel to have this organised for you.

Hike up the stunning San Pedro Volcano

A challenging hike up the San Pedro Volcano leads you to undoubtedly the most incredible view of the lake and Atitlan caldera. Initially from it's physical challenge, then finally from it's astonishing beauty, this early morning trip will leave you truly breathless. You take a boat from Lomas de Tzununá to San Pedro, Tuc Tuc to Parque Regional Municipal Chuwanimajuyú which is the entrance of the Volcano hike.

Take a traditional Mayan painting class

Find the best painters in San Juan at the Maya Gallery Chiya where you will be received by Angelina Cuc, Antonio and Diego Coché. They have a great Gallery that has grown over the years, where they sell their paintings. Wet your brush before you attend a Mayan painting class!

Visit the famous Chichicastenango market

On Thursdays and Sundays, this mountain village is transformed into the world's largest handicrafts market, where you'll find pottery, colorful textiles, carved wooden masks, flowers, incense and other Mayan goods for sale. In one of the churches you will appreciate the religious syncretism. Arrange with Lomas de Tzununá to coordinate the visit to Chichicastenango market

Go on a tandem paragliding flight over the lake

The dream of flying has inspired our imagination for thousands of years. Have you ever watched a bird soaring in the sky and wondered what that would be like? A tandem flight makes it possible for almost anyone to fulfill the dream of flying in freedom, flowing silently and elegantly through the air.

Take a traditional Mayan weaving class

Discover Mayan cotton and weavers at Casa Flor Ixcaco. The products are made by 25 local women using mayan methods that were passed down for many generations. The products are 100% natural and handmade. Visitors learn more about the spinning and dying process in a demonstration and can sign up for weaving and dyeing classes

Horse back riding in San Pedro

We can arrange for you to go horse back riding in San Pedro, to the Volcano or on the shores of the Lake. A great adventure! You would have to take a boat from Lomas de Tzununá and go to San Pedro main pier. From there Pedro will wait for you with the horses ready for the Tour! Arrange with Lomas de Tzununá.

Take a boat tour of the lake

Rent a boat and visit San Juan and Santiago Atitlan the two most interesting towns around the Lake. This is a day trip ask if you want us to arrange. Book with Lomas de Tzununá for the boat tours​

Visit an ancient Mayan city

Explore the ancient Mayan world up close at the Iximche ruins. This old (1,000 years old!) city is full of pyramid-temples, royal palaces, ball courts and has a museum on site to educate you on everything Mayan from this area.

Ixmucané Healing Center

The Ixmucané Center at Lomas de Tzununa offers different oportunities to help you on your path to heal yourself. You can enjoy Emotional Healing: Bach Flowers, Meridian Psychoterapy and/or Reiki or Therapeutic Massages: Hot Stones Therapy, Neurolymphatic Massage and Swedish with Acupressure to work with pain relief. Yoga of Sacred Sound and Crystal Healing are also offered. Mental and Spiritual healing. Counseling. Courses. Group Sound Baths.​

Learn to cook like a local in a Mayan cooking class

They say that food unites us. This is no less the case at the lake than anywhere else in the world. Dive into some local cuisine, learn the tricks of the trade and take these cooking methods and recipes home with you to impress your friends.​

Open your heart at a traditional yoga Kirtan

Be part of a group that celebrates life, peace and unity while chanting and singing your heart out. Open your heart, calm your mind and warm up your vocal cords – this Kirtan experience will leave you buzzing with positive emotion!
Every Sunday at 12pm at Karuna Atitlan

Tour a local organic farm

See how a farmer puts sustainability and permaculture into action and provides fresh fruit and vegetables for many of the lake’s inhabitants. Take a couple of notes and bring these simple farming technique back to your home garden.

Take a scuba diving day trip

No matter if you're a certified diver, or have never touched a scuba tank, you can find a fun and awe inspiring dive to suit your needs. You can even get certified here! We can help you to organize your diving trip no matter how extensive.

Zipline through a nature reserve

Get a different perspective while you whip through the tree canopy on one of our two local zipline parks. Fly above waterfalls, coffee groves, oak stands and the steep cliffs that guard the lake. The reserve also includes butterfly preserves, hiking trails and hanging bridges.

Jump, from up high, into the lake

Swimming in Lake Atitlan is a favorite pass-time of travelers, and finding a place to jump from isn’t too difficult. But if you fancy a beautiful walk to a beautiful jump, this is the place for you. If the cliff isn’t quite high enough for you, feel free to launch yourself into the lake from the trampoline!

Get your caffeine fix

The coffee trade in Central America is booming, and is growing faster and faster. Sustainable and world-class farming techniques mean that Guatemalan coffee beans are seen as some of the best in the world. Take a tour of local coffee farms and see what all the fuss is about.

Hike Acatenango and watch an active Volcano erupt

Volcan de Acatenango is a world-famous hiking destination. Not only does this over-night hike given you unprecedented views and an immense feeling of accomplishment, it also puts you eye-to-eye with the constantly-erupting Del Fuego volcano. Watch her spit lava and ash hundreds of feet into the air from the best viewpoint possible – the top of the neighboring volcano!