The Shala

Our enormous Shala (or Studio) is a great space built with high quality materials. It has a majestic terrace overlooking Lake Atitlán and its volcanoes. Lights in the roof are provided with dimers so you can choose how much light you want. It as a sound system with speakers and even a proyector in case you want to teach.

The is a room with all the props, high quality yoga mats, bolsters, cushions, blankets and so on. The Retreat leader arranges the space as she or he wishes.

There are two bathrooms so people can stay in the space.

The Shala was built with the thought of reduced noice so away from El Aguacate (the kitchen) and any other sounds arriving from running the venue. Silence is the norm in the Shala.

Lake Access

We have a pier and a great space to enjoy swimming in the Lake and reading or enjoying the contact with the water. Lots of Retreats host water Ceremonies by the pier.

Swimming pool

If you don´t want to go down to the Lake you can enjoy the pool. It has a solarium and a place with shade if you don´t want to be in the sun.


What is a temascal? it is similar to a sweat lodge used by Maya people from very ancient times. You can put herbs and usually has stones (volcanic). Temascal comes from Nahuatl word temāzcalli that means house of heat. The main difference with a sauna is that it is more humid. The goal is a purification of mind, body and soul. We can organize ceremonies including Temascal or you can just enjoy the experience with your group.

Reading, relaxing or playing Chess

We have a space that offer confortable sofas for reading, journaling or just be present with nature. The Library is full of interesting books both about Guatemala and novels.

If you like Chess playing this in front of Lake Atitlán is a magnificent experience.