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Improving Education in Tzununá

Lomas de Tzununá is our best excuse to do social work that is our real passion. We run our business with Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives to benefit our small town of Tzununá. We care for the environment so we do use solar panels for Hot Water, we don´t sell plastic containers, we never had straws, we produce our own eggs with our chicken, we are constantly reforesting , we have a permaculture project, and try to recycle the garbage to the maximum possible. We have a great team at Lomas de Tzununá and have ethical labor practices. We attend a lot of volunteering events around the Lake and our mayor social work is for the Community Center that we helped creating.

Why a Community Center in Tzununá?

Tzununa is a small village of 4000 residents primarily of indigenous Mayan people who speak Kaqchikel and 30 fforeigners. It is located on the shores of Lake Atitlan and belongs to the municipality of Santa Cruz la Laguna. In spite of the multiple economic disadvantages and systemic social issues, Tzununa is a village with a community spirit that is as inspiring as it is enviable. The children and youth of Tzununa are the way forward to create a healthy community where all citizens have the opportunity to succeed in life.

The Community Center as a Hub

The Community Center is hub of educational, cultural, economic and social empowerment for the citizens of Tzununa. It is a place for young people and their families to get involved in opportunities for growing themselves and their community. The Center has a library, a computer lab, a music and art academy and a cooperative storefront and cafe for the women of the village to sell handmade crafts. The Center will provide a space where children and community members can come together to learn, share their culture and make their community better.

Talk to us at the Lomas de Tzununa if you are interested in learning more about the Project.

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